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Nutritionist (Temporary, FT)
Job Type: Contract
Location: London, ON, CANADA;
Job Category: Science and Research ; Food Sciences
Job Industry: Insurance, Financial Services and Banking
Job Career Level: Student , Entry Level
Date Posted: Mar 25, 2013
Food Services
Maternity Leave Position (1 year, full-time hours)
Location: London, ON, Canada

Position Overview: The nutritionist will provide accurate information in the field of human nutrition, physiology, biochemistry and food science through professional technical knowledge with the ability to relay scientific information to employees and customers using various methods.

Responsibilities: As the successful candidate, you will complete nutritional analysis of food products served at London Life using ESHA Software and respond to all product inquiries while communicating with: food suppliers for manufacturer changes; Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for standards, regulatory compliance and consumer advisories. You will be expected to generate monthly nutrition exhibits and provide additional resources for employees while establishing contact with organizations that offer nutrition services and stay current on technical literature and trends. You will be expected to work with staff to maintain recipes and create new ones; participate in health promotion activities run through Health Services and the Fitness Centre through the provision of nutritional counseling and presentations. You will be solely responsible for maintaining the department intranet site. Additional tasks in the department will also be assigned such as staff responsibilities; promotion and advertising, menu development and more.

Required Competencies and Behaviours:
- Bachelor of Science in Nutrition or a related field with a thorough understanding of nutrition and food science
- Ability to organize, prioritize and problem solve both independently and as a team player.
- Well developed computer skills including Excel, PowerPoint and Word
- Superior communication skills both verbal and written.
- Post-undergraduate practical experience in a related discipline
- Familiarity with ESHA SQL Nutrition Analysis Software.

Salary and Benefits: As the successful candidate you will have the opportunity to develop and grow within an exciting, professional environment. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online.

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